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College soccer was the beginning of our story.
The story continues.

In 2010, Elite Athletes is born. The first young soccer players are accompanied and placed in American universities. They get their first scholarships. In 2014, the agency takes a big step forward. In partnership with the French Football Federation, with a unique naming, FFFUSA becomes reality. Elite Athletes becomes the only agency in the world to work in collaboration with a federation in order to limit the failures of young people and offer them a second chance in the United States. FFFUSA quickly became the leader in university soccer placement in the US.

Do I have a chance to become a professional after university?

When you enter an American university as a student-athlete, you have a lot of responsibility. Your team counts on you, your coach counts on you, your teachers count on you. Sometimes your athletic goals are very high. Competitions in which students compete attract thousands and even tens of thousands of spectators. The facilities and all the staff behind you will give you the keys to be at the top physically. Only without a sufficient academic level, the adventure can quickly come to an end. If you don’t validate your credits in class, you will make yourself ineligible.
Going professional is complicated, and not the primary goal when you embark on this adventure. But afterwards, everyone can write their own story. We will be there to accompany you.

What a scholarship can include ?

A year at an American university costs between 10,000 and 60,000 Euros.
There are different categories of fees:

  • Tuition fees
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Textbooks and academic materials
  • Health insurance (sometimes)

The university scholarship can cover one or more categories of expenses and the value of the scholarships awarded varies depending on the level of athletic and academic achievement. It’s up to you!

Each year, thousands of scholarships are made available so that universities can recruit and create the most competitive teams possible.

Recognized for its excellence, American university sport provides exceptional financial means to follow and help each athlete.

You too, with the support of FFFUSA, try your luck and take off for the USA:

Pass the detections and qualify for the grand final in March Clairefontaine
Win a scholarship through soccer
Discover life on an American university campus

Zoom on William James Hervé, NCAA D1 champion in 2018 with Maryland!

From his beginnings at FC Issy les Moulineaux, four years at the Valenciennes FC training center, William James Hervé created his career start between the Paris region and the North. The former attacking midfielder looks back on his crazy year 2018. From the FFFUSA final in March 2018 to his return from injury, the road has been marked by ups and downs. And, most importantly, by winning the D1 NCAA championship, the elite of American college soccer, in early December.

From PSG Academy to Honolulu volcanos in Hawaï, discover Daniel’s story

Daniel is passionate about soccer. As a goalkeeper, he was first trained at the INF Clairefontaine before joining the Paris Saint-Germain academy with the hope of becoming a professional.

He obtained his baccalaureate in 2013, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Management at the University Paris Dauphine in parallel with his last year at the PSG training center. At the end of this pivotal season, it will not be extended.